300 Liters Beer Brewing Equipment

300 Liters Beer Brewing Equipment

300L liters beer brewing equipment Mash tun/Lauter tun, Boiling Kettle/Whirlpool tun; Hot water tank and cold water tank with sidemanway for easy cleaning Infusion or decoction brewing methods are designed exactly Stainless steel or copper cladding are popular Two stages or single stage heat...
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300 liters beer brewing equipment

brewery equipment

Mash tun/Lauter tun, Boiling Kettle/Whirlpool tun; Hot water tank and cold water tank with sidemanway for easy cleaning Infusion or decoction brewing methods are designed exactly Stainless steel or copper cladding are popular Two stages or single stage heat exchanger for wort cooling Completely stainless steel integrated work platform  Sanitary and efficiency wort pump All pipings and fittings

300L, steam heating
1 pcs
Whirlpool Tank
1 pcs
Hot Water Tank
300L, steam heating
1 pcs
Includes plate heat exchanger, wort pump, motors, hops filter, yeast adding tank, oxygen device and pipelines

fermenting equipment homebrewing

Standard stainless steel conical cylindrical fermentation tanks  Single size as brewhouse is common used in restaurant Tanks quantity is exactly calculated by fermentation cycle for various beers All manhole, valves, pressure gauges, fittings etc are included

12 pcs
BBT (option)
2 pcs
Racking arm, spunding valve, pressure gauge, carbonation stone, sample valve

HG is a professional stainless steel solution company, HG focus on high-end line and insist on craftsman spirit to make first-class equipment, our factory has strict quality control and process inspection & testing system to make sure you get the quality you expect and to be delivered on time.


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