Beer Glass Bottle Filling Machine Features

- Apr 03, 2018-

1. The frequency conversion and synchronous control are adopted for the filling part and the gland part to realize synchronous operation, the transmission system is simple, the operation is stable, and the noise is low.

2. Equipped with high-pressure foaming device to remove the bottleneck air.

3, equipped with a broken bottle automatic spray device.

4, wine jar and gland head with automatic lifting function, adapt to different bottle height adjustment.

5, the use of open sanitary gland head can be all-round cleaning.

6, equipped with automatic lubrication device, according to the program timing, quantitative transmission of grease on various components, automatic lubrication.

7. The integrated sanitary star wheel structure and sanitary guide bottle plate are easy to clean.

8, with no bottle no vacuum control valve, there is no vacuum loss but also improve work efficiency.

9, using magnetic suction cover device to reduce the deformation of the cap.

10. Adopt cantilever type sanitary bottle cylinder to overcome the secondary pollution caused by broken bottles and sprinkling during filling.

11. According to the number of bottles accumulated on the conveyor belt at the entrance and exit of the bottling and capping machine, it is equipped with a proximity switch to detect and automatically adjust the speed of the machine.