How To Use Your Beer Equipment Brewing Beer

- Feb 25, 2018-

How to use your beer equipment brewing beer


Firstly, it is boiling. After the boiling is done and getting the boiling wort . Before starting to boil, pour the liquid from the mash into the huge wort digester. The wort came into the fermentation tank from the lauter tank , it needs to add hops at the beginning of boiling . These hops are called boiling hops, used to increase the bitterness of beer. Bitterness in beer is caused by some acids. Depending on the type of brewed beer, more hops can be added during the final stages of boiling, which are called hops. Usually, hops are added about 15 minutes before the end to increase the flavor of the beer.The hops are added just minutes before the end  to increase the aroma of the beer. Hops oil will give the beer unique hop smell. In order to guarantee the beer tastes same for each batch, requiring the same amount of the same hop to be added at the same time during each boiling process.

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The wort must be cooled to a temperature suitable for the yeast. This is done by the heat exchanger. The wort circulates in one set of pipes and the cooling water circulates in the other. Tubes containing hot wort deliver heat to pipes that contain cooling water. The cooling water is first cooled so that the amount of water required to cool the entire batch of wort is approximately equal to the amount of wort. The final cooling water temperature will reach about 76 degrees Celsius, and then stored in the insulation tank. It is important to cool the wort quickly in order to immediately add the yeast and start the fermentation. During fermentation, yeast converts glucose in the wort to ethanol and carbon dioxide gas while increasing the alcohol content and carbonation of the beer. When starting the fermentation process, the cooled wort is transferred to the fermentation vessel to which yeast has been added. If you want to make a malt, leave the wort at a constant temperature of 20 degrees Celsius for about two weeks. Fermentation will produce a lot of heat, it must continue to cool the fermenter.

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