Brewing Equipment At 4000 Meters Above Sea Level

- Jun 29, 2020-

Highland barley wine, called "Qiang" in Tibetan, is made from highland barley produced on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It is the favorite drink of the Tibetan people. Highland barley wine has been handed down for 400 years and it has been prosperous ever since. It is praised by the national winemaking experts as "Pearl of Plateau, Wonderful Wine Forest".

On May 23, 2020, the equipment researched and produced by Shandong HG Equipment Co., Ltd. was delivered to Tibet at an altitude of 4000 meters. This is HG 's first high-altitude barley wine project. This project includes mash system , fermentation equipment, filling equipment. Before this, the equipment has been installed and running smoothly. Customers are extremely satisfied with HG equipment. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of HG Company.

HG is not only a leading brand in China's brewing equipment field, but also committed to providing global customers with high-quality brewing overall solutions. Every equipment project is implementing the purpose of "Gathering all wisdom to make the best quality".