Craft Beer Equipment Meets Craft Beer Pub

- Jul 18, 2020-


In the early summer of May, Mr. Li, general manager of FOX Craft Beer, rushed from Jinhuangdao to Jinan, visited many beer equipment production companies in Jinan, Finally attracted by the unique beer equipment designed by HG Company. In mid-May, Mr. Li once again came to Jinan and signed an order for a whole set beer equipment with HG Company. In order to ensure the perfect progress of the project, HG Company and Fox Craft Beer confirmed the accurate layout. Through the hard work of the production members of HG Company, the equipment was sent to Qinhuangdao in mid-June. After 3 days of installation and commissioning, the equipment worked perfectly.



On July 13th, the Fox Craft Beer was officially opened, and the HG equipment was brilliant.

On a hot summer day, the most refreshing is the ice beer. The most refreshing beer comes from professional brewing equipment, and professional brewing equipment is made from professional manufacturers. HG company is the best choice for you.