The Use, Maintenance And Installation Of Filling Machine

- Jun 21, 2017-

1. Because the filling machine is an automatic machine, so easy to pull bottles, bottle pads, cap size requirements unified.

2. Before driving, you must rotate the machine with a rocker handle to see if there is any abnormalities in the rotation.

3. When adjusting the machine, the tool should be used properly, it is forbidden to use too big tool or force to disassemble the parts to avoid damage to the machine or affect the performance.

4. Whenever the machine is adjusted, it is important to tighten the loose screws, and rotate the machine to see if the action meets the requirements before driving.

5. The machine must be kept clean, the machine has no oil, liquid or glass debris, so as to avoid damage to the machine, it must:

(1) The machine in the production process, the timely removal of liquid or glass debris.

(2) Before the handover, the machine surface should be cleaned once each department, and in the activities of the Department plus clean lubricants.

(3) Should be scrubbed once a week, especially in the ordinary use of the area is not easy to clean or wipe with compressed air.