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Product Description: CSD filling line is suitable for glass bottle carbonated water filling line. CSD filling line uses a bottleneck clip conveyor for different bottle types. Its filling method is advanced isobaric filling, which precisely controls the filling level to avoid air bubbles during...
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Product Description:

CSD filling line is suitable for glass bottle carbonated water filling line. CSD filling line uses a bottleneck clip conveyor for different bottle types. Its filling method is advanced isobaric filling, which precisely controls the filling level to avoid air bubbles during filling. CSD filling line is equipped with a sanitary circulation line to ensure the quality of the product. The CSD filling line is equipped with an automatic oil dry lubrication device, which can be used to lubricate the lubrication points to extend the service life of the equipment.


1. CSD filling line adopts the direct feeding technology of the air feed channel and the bottle dial, the bottle dial adopts the innovative design of the bottle mouth clamping mechanism with the split bottle function, which eliminates the bottle screw and the conveyor chain. 

2. The bottle transfer technology uses the card bottleneck technology, and the card bottle mouth bottle clip replaces the traditional dial wheel. The bottle shape does not need to adjust the height of the bottle, and only a small number of parts need to be replaced and adjusted.

3. The specially designed stainless steel bottle washer bottle holder is durable and does not touch the threaded part of the bottle mouth to avoid secondary pollution of the bottle mouth.

High-speed and large-flow, hygienic and easy-to-clean filling valve, equipped with complete CIP circuit and control program, the equipment is clean and reliable.

4. The bottle bottom plate of the bottle puller adopts a spiral descending method. The shape of the bottle is not required to adjust the height of the bottle conveyor chain. It is only necessary to replace the curved plate and the dial wheel related to the diameter of the bottle body, and the bottle type switching takes only ten minutes.

CSD filling machinecarbonated beverage filler

a. Rinsing part: 

The machine is rotary rinsing machine, mainly used for glass bottle. The new bottle enters into the equipment through bottle distribution screw and star wheel, and its neck is clipped to mouth down by the clamp and turner device, first step, rinsing with disinfector and second step rinsing with sterilized water, dry after rinsing, and turn to mouth up automatically, then enters into the filling machine through bottle-outlet star wheel conveyor. The main structure of the equipment, contact parts with rinsing medium and external protective cover are stainless steel material; opening gear drive.

Rinsing machine inlet pipe is equipped with pressure gauge, to make sure of rinsing pressure;

Rinsing machine is equipped with water collector to recycle rinsing water and save energy;

When rinsing, the consumption of water rinsing for each type of bottles are:



The machine will stop rinsing automatically when no bottle or shut down; and start to rinsing when bottle inlet.

b. Filling part: 

automatic filling machineautomatic filling machine

The filling machine adopt short pipe filling valve, to control content of oxygen in the bottle making use

of gas displacement manner; the valve is equipped outside of the cylinder, to avoid liquid level undulate, mirror polish for inner part of the cylinder, to make sure no dead angle for cleaning;

●External mechanical valve, no disturb for the product in the cylinder when running, and makes sure the stability of filling.

●No spring built-in, to reduce a good many unstable factors in the filling.

●Chronological forced open the air valve, liquid valve, moves smoothly and can truly achieve isopiestic pressure to open valve, to avoid the rolling product.

●Modulization design, for easy disassembly and maintenance

c. Capping part: 

Capping machine rotates with rotate plate through reducing box, to make the cap leave hopper from cap exit with the function of centrifugal force. There are both positive and negative cap at the exit of separation devices, when anti-cap passes, the cap automatically fall into the return pipe, and blown to hopper automatically through the wind. Only right cap can be successfully enter into the slide, the quantity of caps in the hopper will be automatically inspected by the photoelectric switch to control the machine, to achieve the best results for cap chute. 


Syrup boiler:

This equipment is one of the necessary equipments in beverage, food and medicine industry. It could completely finish the work such as syrup boil, cool, mixing and storage in one body.

Main technical parameter

soda water filler
soda water filling machine

Mixing tank:

This equipment is an assistant part for carbonation water and wine on beverage filling line. It is used to mix syrup and other kind of liquid. It is made of super stainless steel. It has nice outlook, safe, hygiene characteristic and so on. 

Syrup filter:

This machine is suitable for removing the solid matter from fresh milk, syrup, beverages and any liquid. Two filters can change using each other; it is not necessary to stop the machine as you change the filter net, and it also is suitable to work for a long time.


packing line
automatic CSD/CO2 drink gas water soda carbonated soft drink glass bottle cold filler/filling machine

Water chiller:

Cold beverage tank is adopted chiller to work out the old water. It can be used in manufacture, hotel, and so on; it is accessory devices for making soda water, sparkling wine.

This cold beverage tank is adopted F. chilling liquid is F-12; it is safe to use, and installed pressure automatic controller, machine runs well and easy to operate.


This carbonator is used for carbonation and proportion mixing of syrup and CO2, in producing carbonated beverages, for examples, lemon, coca cola, fruit's juice and so on. It is the main equipment in whole beverage production line.

Before adding CO2, the syrup needs to be vacuumed and chilled. This machine can make the syrup the CO2 ratio 6g/L. 

soda water filling machine

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