1000L Beer Equipment

- Jul 10, 2018-

1000L beer equipment

 A new set of beer equipment finished in our factory, please kindly check the following picture.

1000L mash system.jpg

It is three vessels with a hot water tank, mash/boiling tank, lauter tank, whirlpool tank. The heating way is steam heating. In order to operate conveniently, we matched a mash system control cabinet. 

Here are some information of this beer equipment for your looking. 

1. Equipped with glass top manhole,instead of normal manhole. It can let the brewer see the inside of tanks more conveniently.

2.Weld polishing processing. Polishing precision up to Ra0.4µm,instead of Ra0.6µm. Including man and machine polishing. 

the picture2.png

3.The blender is frequency control. 0-43 turns per minute(adjustable).The raker is frequency control. 0-29 turns per minute(adjustable).

4. Equipped with milled sieve. The filter plate gap is less than 0.7mm. It is made by machine. The gap is more well-distributed. Never leak spent grain. The price of milling sieve is also double(750USD/m2) than welding(375USD/m2),which is made by men.


5. In order to protect the milling sieve plate, we matched the buffer tank. The buffer tank is a small tank,which collects wort from the lauter tun. The pump is connected directly to the wort grant,instead of the lauter tun. Gravity gently pulls the wort from the lauter tun,instead of pump. So minimizing compression of the grain bed. There is a float level switch in our buffer tank. The switch will turn the pump on automatically when the buffer tank is full (actually it is almost full,not full).

If you are interested in our equipment, please contact to me freely. My email is Eva@shandonghg.com. Welcome to enquiry on our equipment.