A New Set Fully Automatic 2000-3000CPH Beer Canning Line Finished Its Production

- Jul 09, 2018-

A new set 2000-3000CPH beer canning line finished its produciton in our factory.

It filling capcity is 2000-3000CPH.

It model is HG-GZ-12/1.

It has 12 filling valve and 1 sealing head.

It adopts isobaric filling principle and specialized use to filling beer.

It use high precission mechanical beer filling valve.

It use SIMENSE PLC to control the whole system.

It has touch screen.

We can providwe the whole canning line for your project includes can rinser and twister, cans dryer, data printer etc.

the machine.jpg

Professional beer tank

1000-3000CPH beer canning line--HG-2018-04-188269.png


Our beer filling-sealing 2-1 machine is designed especially for micro factory. The type of this unity machine is linear not rotary type. It has been extensively used to fill carbonated drink.

It adopts isobaric filling principle and filling valve adopts high precision mechanical valve. It has advantages of high precision in liquid level and realizing that it only starts to filling when there is a can, otherwise it will stop filling. Using the device structure of filling valve precover device plus supporting can bottom device, it can guarantee the maximum stability of cans when they passing in and out of the filling machine. Filling cylinder braces use worm-gear box going up and down to satisfy cans of different height. Float switches in the filling cylinder ensure a smooth liquid inlet.

The main transmission adopts gear transmission belt and gear box type exposed drive combination with advantages of high efficiency, low noise and smooth operation. It adopts frequency conversion stepless speed regulation and is controlled by PLC industrial computers. Sealing machine and filling machine are connected by hooks coupling universal coupling to make sure them a same working pace.

As to sealing machine, the machine has the control system that caps only come down when there are cans and caps will not come if there is no can below to ensure the machine run normally and reduce the cover loss rate.