HG Beer Canning Machine, 4-1 Has Been Finished.

- Jul 18, 2018-

Shandong HG Machinery is very professional in producing the beer brewery equipment and bottling/canning/kegging lines and can provide you with the whole turkey project.

As I have written before, we were producing a new desgin canning machine, 4-1 and it has been finshed now after 3 months. This canning machine, 4-1 is used for small brewery to fill the craft beer into the cans. It's about 400 cans per hour. It took our almost 3 months to design ans produce this canning machine. Here are some pictures about ths canning machine.


As you can see in above picture, from right to left, there're 4 filling heads and 1 sealing head. Its length is about 2.5 meters and 1 meter in wiednth.


 There are 4 filling heads which can be fill 4 empty cans at same time.


There is 1 seal heads, but the sealling speed is very fast which can be matched with the 4 filling heads well. As you know, the slowest part of a filling machine is the filling parts.


It's the lids guide. It's easy to adjust.


It's Siemens PLC and touch screen to control the whole fillng and sealing process. You can set up a variety of parameters easily on this screen.

If you have an interest in our beer machine, please kindly let me know and I would like to prepare you a best offer and help you to find a best solution for your project.

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